Projects: Houses on Pengarth


Row houses on Pengarth Court will be converted into a multi-purpose art centre providing the community with a unique space for creative and civic engagement. Houses on Pengarth undertakes to stage a temporary Museum and experimental art lab in four houses slated for eventual demolition at Pengarth Court in Lawrence Heights. Taken together, the houses and surrounding land form an archive of dwellings that will be activated to energize an experimental art centre. Several small art galleries and studios will be created to support exhibitions of site specific installations and community workshops over a number of years as the housing development in the area unfolds. The houses will be used as cultural incubators, spaces for workshops and community and school engagement.


Electronic Literature Organization 2012

The conference, Electrifying Literature: Affordances and Constraints was held June 20-23 in Morgantown, West Virginia, home to WVU, a sponsor of the event.

Snapdragon version

This beta version of this piece was created using a custom marker tracking system and the user interacted with the piece by exploring the markers with a webcam, triggering small poetic voiceovers and videos.