GPS Cinema


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Described by some users as “Geocaching for Stories”, GPS Cinema is a simple SDK for authoring locative media experiences. Create your own audio walks, video landscapes, and other expressive works using the GPS signal to orient your viewers. As a viewer, you simply walk to the point indicated on the map and a video clip will play. Want to make your own project? If you are a registered iPhone developer you can download the project, and simply match the GPS coordinates to the clip you wish to play in your playlist. All of your clips are loaded right to the phone to ensure a responsive experience. The code is provided free of charge and you are permitted to submit it to the Apple App store.

Augmented Reality Freedom Stories highlights seldom told African Canadian histories from the era of the Canada/US Underground Railroad including Harriet Tubman’s efforts to bring American slaves to freedom in Canada. The Underground Railroad was the largest, most important social justice movement of 19th century North America. Women, men and children from all walks of life, religions and ethnic backgrounds engaged in a secret system to assist those escaping from American slavery in the search of freedom and equality. Thousands traveled the secret routes from “station to station” assisted by “conductors”, usually free African Americans who risked everything to help freedom-seekers on their way. Thousands more came to Canada with little or no assistance at all and their stories have yet to be told.