Chez Moi



Chez Moi: Lesbian Bar Stories from Before You Were Born (with Tony Vieira) 2014

Locative storytelling commissioned for World Pride Toronto, part of Queerstory.

There were few social spots for women when the Chez Moi opened in 1984 and it marks a cusp moment in Toronto’s lesbian bar scene, as women moved from dark basements and women’s community centre dances , to the above-ground Chez.  But who can blame the fictional narrator of your walk along Hayden street in search of both company and an elusive lesbian imaginary, for missing those basements more than just a bit?

“Explore the sites and sounds of Toronto’s vibrant and storied queer history with Queerstory, a free locative app. This walking tour app will lead you to more than 30 points of interest where significant events occurred. Navigate through intriguing sites and uncover the political, cultural and social history of Toronto’s queer community. Experience unique mini-docs with rare archival footage, hidden stories and site interviews with a colourful cast of characters. Meander through two queer sites where performance artist Keith Cole and new media artist Caitlin Fisher lead you on their mediated interpretations of queer history.”

This project was made possible with the generous support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council, the Downtown Yonge BIA, Canadian Lesbian & Gay Archives and hundreds of volunteer hours from the community.